I’m here to share all the tanning tips and tricks that are guaranteed to give you that natural golden glow. Sometimes it can be quite a hassle to book a tanning appointment at the salon, so I’m here to help!

As a DIY tanning gal, I write guides to tanning FAQs and how to maintain healthy tanned skin.

Maybe you need it for this summer? Or a special occasion? Or maybe you just want that hot girl summer look all-year-round?

3000 BC Spa will help you decide which tanning methods and products are best for you!

Don’t hesitate to drop me a message for questions and concerns!

What is 3000 BC Spa?

The point of 3000 BC Spa has EVERYTHING about healthy tanning.

Whether you’re a beginner or a frequent tanning girl, 3000 BC Spa is the go-to tanning guru for all your questions and concerns!

  • Learn about the best products you can use for self-tanning.
  • Get to know ALL the DOs and DONTs pre-tanning and post-tanning.
  • Discover hacks on how to maintain your golden glow.

What Can I Find on 3000 BC Spa?

From natural tanning to indoor tanning, we have all the tips and tricks on how to get the perfect sun-kissed tan!

We have all step-by-step guides and FAQs on tanning care.

Not sure which products to get for self-tanning? We have just the perfect tanning product buying guides and reviews for you!

3000 BC Spa is here to help you maintain a healthy golden glow!

3000BCSpa is Medically-Reviewed by Experts!

Trust that all the guides and information here are medically-reviewed by our trusted Dr. Brie, a licensed aesthetic dermatology physician.

Here at 3000BCSpa, I always ensure that the tips and tricks I share are healthy for all skin types.

Partnering with Dr. Brie helps our guides to be more clinically accurate for safe tanning experiences.

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