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Best Tanning Mitt for Self Tanner: Top 7 Options [2022]

Written by Lexi Carlson
Medically Reviewed by Denise Christine Bries, MD
Best Tanning Mitt for Self Tanner_ Top 7 Options [2022]

Achieving that faux glow by yourself can be difficult. With so many choices on the market for the best self-tanning mitts, we’re here to help you pick your options.

We want you to have the perfect sunless tan.

Think of a re-usable mitt that gives you a thorough and smooth application. Something easy to clean, whether that’s hand washed or machine washed.

Let’s go over our comprehensive guide to finding the best self-tanning applicator available.

In this review, we’ll find a quality self-tanning mitt. A tanning applicator mitt that is worth the investment and a much better product that lasts a lifetime.


Famous Dave’s Tanner Self Tanning Mitt


St. Tropez Double-Sided Mitts


Skinerals Self Tanner Applicator Set

Top 7 Self-Tanning Mitts

Finding the best self-tanner should be a no-brainer for you.

You don’t want to go to Bondi sands without feeling absolutely confident about yourself! Getting those cheap foam mitts won’t do us any good and might result in a dark tan.

The best self-tanning mitts you can buy feel extremely smooth and perfect for your hand. The mitt should also have a good hold on any self-tan formula or product you use.

1. Best Overall – St. Tropez Double-Sided Self Tanning Applicator Mitts

St. Tropez Double-Sided Self Tanning Applicator Mitts

St. Tropez’s applicator mitt offers a consistently perfect, natural, and uniform streak-free tan. We didn’t even notice the fake bake once it’s dry!

To achieve the most effective results, the mitt aids in equal distribution and fully blends and buffs the product.

This is a great self-tanning mitt for a beautiful afterglow!

The lined, waterproof self-tanning applicator is easy to use and won’t leave your hands stained.

The mitt should have an outer fabric and an inner side made of sturdy materials with inner seams sewn to perfection.


  • Double-Sided
  • Suits dry skin types
  • Soft & Comfortable


  • Slides off easily

2. Best Value – Skinerals Self Tanner Applicator Set

Skinerals padded microfiber applicator, velvety-smooth material provides a uniform, streak-free application.

The mitt cuts down on product waste by only absorbing the precise quantity of self-tan formula needed. 

Your self-tanning products will thank you for using this tanning applicator mitt. And the non-absorbent mittens help with even and consistent application.

To suit all our needs, it comes with a tanning applicator mitt, an exfoliating glove, and a contouring mitt.

The exfoliating glove is PERFECT for buffing away impurities, grime, and dead skin from the surface.

The contouring mitt is made for small body parts like the abs, collarbone, and toes as well as the face and feet.

Having a face mitt is a life-saver! Now, you’ll have an easier time applying mousse without using the large mitt.


  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Streak-free finish


  • Rough quality material

3. Best Budget Pick – Famous Dave’s Tanner Self Tanning Mitt Applicator

amous Dave_s Tanner Self Tanning Mitt Applicator-

Anyone can perfectly blend with Famous Dave’s Self Tanner to create a lush, even appearance. 

The mitt has an INCREDIBLY SMOOTH applicator and a cozy grip.

The versatile use of the double-sided sunless tanning mitt is made possible by its high-quality fabric and stitching.

The mitt is strong, long-lasting, and keeps its quality even after many washings.

You can use any self-tan formula and you’ll NEVER get stained hands again!


  • Beginner friendly
  • No leakage
  • Great grip


  • No significant cons

4. Best Premium Quality Finish: Gaiyah Self Tanning Mitt Applicator

Gaiyah’s self-tanning applicator mitts give a natural golden glow when used with any type of tanning lotions, including mousse or cream.

The mitt has a silky, premium finish which helps distribute the product evenly.

The double-sided waterproof self-tanner applicator makes it simple to use both hands to apply the cream. This prevents the self-tanning mitt applicator from sliding.

The inside and outer sides of this sturdy tanning applicator mitt are separated by a waterproof covering, preventing your palms from becoming stained.


  • Waterproof lining
  • Long-lasting
  • Stain-free


  • Small hand size

5. Best User-Friendly: Norvell Sunless Blending Tan Applicator Mitt

The Norvell Sunless Blending Tan Applicator Mitt is simple, high-quality, and low-cost; perfect for beginners who are trying out self-tanning mitts!

It is possible to machine wash and air dry this sunless tanning mitt. The majority of other self-tanning applicator mitts require manual washing.

Applying self-tanners like this one helps you keep the self-tan formula on your body BETTER than any other mitt.

We would advise you not to wash the mitt with anything you don’t want stained.


  • Filter-free formula
  • Machine washable
  • Non-absorbent


  • Stiff material

6. Best Even Application: Stusgo Tanning Applicator Mitt

Stusgo is made of high-quality cloth that resists stains. The non-absorbent self-tanning mitt stops leakage and waste.

The self-tanner has a SUPER-SOFT velvet covering for even product application.

They blend well with mousses, oils, creams, and other self-tan formulas. These are designed for an even, natural-looking, and streak-free tan.

The small tanning applicator mitt is specifically made for applying tanning mousse precisely to places like the cheeks, toes, elbows, and other body parts.


  • Re-usable
  • Soft material
  • Sturdy sewn


  • Not suitable for liquid self-tan formulas

7. Best Durable: MineTan Self Tanning Applicator

This self-tanning applicator mitt has two sides and is velvet soft. The mitt has a beautiful tint and enhances your self-tanner experience to the fullest extent!

It’s a sunless tanner that you may use for ANY self-tanning product that tickles your fancy because it works well with foams, mousses, and lotions.


  • Drip-resistant
  • Slide-resistant
  • Long-lasting


  • Uneven application

How to Choose the Best Self-Tanning Mitt

When looking for a self-tanning applicator, choosing one shouldn’t be as difficult as choosing it correctly.

You should look for a mitt carefully since, in order to preserve your desired fake tan, you must select the greatest fit.

1. Materials

The material of your self-tanning mitt should be your top priority while shopping because it will ultimately determine your comfort level.

Both the inner and outside of a tanning applicator mitt are made of various materials.

You can choose anything like microfibre on the outside (soft and smooth) and an interior material like plastic (impermeable and durable).

2. Size

Look for the perfect-sized self-tanning mitt with practicality in mind. The good thing about today’s market is they offer products that come in sets of twos or threes.

These contain different-sized mitts especially made for larger areas such as your stomach and legs and smaller areas such as your face and feet. 

3. Price

Reality check!

A self-tanner is made to be thrown away after a few uses. But, that doesn’t stop you from actually looking at affordable prices with the best quality mitts.

Some of them are long-lasting but not longer than how much you use them. So, choose what you can repeatedly purchase without putting a hole in your pocket wisely.

The Right Way to Use a Self Tanner

According to experts, the greatest and safest glow is a fake one.

In addition, the sun is responsible for any changes that we typically identify with aging, such as wrinkles and dark patches.

Learning how to self-tan should be at the top of your beauty to-do list if you enjoy having a summer glow.

Faux tanning is now safer, more affordable, and suitable for all skin types. Keep reading to find out how to use a tanning applicator mitt properly.

1. Exfoliate

Before you grab your self-tanning applicator, remember to prepare your body for the application.

Showering and exfoliating are the first steps to achieving an even, long-lasting fake tan.

Exfoliating prior to using the self-tanner gives the glow a more even appearance.

REMEMBER: Preparation is crucial. If you have any extra body hair, get rid of it. Get a body scrub to remove all the dirt on your body.

2. Protect

We know that tanning lotion, serum, or any version of this product can seep through your skin too much, leaving you with an orange hue. And, we don’t want that.

After you’ve showered and exfoliated, protect the dry areas of your body with a moisturizer.

These are your ankles, feet, knees, elbows, wrists, and palms so that they don’t soak up too much product.

Keep them dry, free from oils and other lotions for the rest of your body. This way, you can maximize the effectiveness of the self-tanner!

3. Apply

Do not self-tan straight after taking a shower.

Instead, wait 10 minutes outside of the steamy bathroom until your body is completely dry for the product to absorb.

Apply the lotion in gentle, long vertical strokes until it is smooth and even as you work on one part at a time.

Then, gently apply to hands, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, neck, and other exposed areas for a natural glow.

Use a generous amount of the lotion to coat the surface of your mitt completely and evenly without rubbing.

4. Develop

Wait at least 20 minutes before dressing and at least 12 hours before taking a shower or getting your body slightly wet (like with skincare products or perfume).

As long as you want to maintain your glow, refrain from shaving when you do take a shower. Because shaving removes dead skin, your fake bake will fade along with your shaving cream.

5. Moisturize

Moisturize frequently throughout the day to preserve your tan for as long as feasible.

The enemy of a faux tan is dry skin!

Don’t forget to wear moisturizing sunscreen because self-tanners alone don’t protect your skin.

For a long-lasting glow, reapply your lotion as often as necessary—every few days should be plenty.

Why Use a Self Tanning Mitt

You’ve probably heard of stories from other people when they’ve stained their palms from using tanning lotion.

Self-tanning mitts do the job, giving you that faux glow without staining your hands.

A self-tanning applicator can be used to improve each stage of the tanning procedure, from exfoliation to application.

An application mitt can help you get the most out of any tanning solution, whether you enjoy using at-home lotions or prefer to receive spray tans at salons.

Removing Old Color

One of the self-tanners issues when exfoliating is it isn’t designed for tanning lotions. Sure, you’ll see the mitt remove most of the product.

But, it fails to remove deeply ingrained grime or lotion residue.

Polishing mitts can remove an existing tan quickly. These are designed to prepare your body before tanning.

First, soften your skin in a warm shower to make it easier to remove stubborn tan using your self-tanning applicator.

Scrub your entire body from head to toe with a tiny bit of a mild exfoliating cleanser until it regains its natural color.

Easy Breezy Application

A self-tanning mitt is a significantly greater surface area than your hand, speeds up application and makes reaching your back much easier.

Simply pour a tiny amount of your preferred self-tanning product into your self-tanning applicator before sweeping it in parts over your body to apply the product.

When you reach your face, pat the area lightly with the tanning applicator mitt while keeping your mouth and eyes closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions when using self-tanners.

What are Self-Tanning Mitts?

Self-tanning mitts, with a few minor variations, are all practically the same and serve the same purpose: to help you apply a thin, even layer of fake tan on your body without streaks or blotches.

Most self-tanning mitts are useful, affordable, and make lotions easy to apply. Having a mitt is essential when it comes to your goal to tan!

How Do Self-Tanning Mitts Work?

A sunless tanner is placed on one hand, and you start by applying your preferred bronzer or lotions on the faux mitt.

The bronzer or lotion may also be applied to your body in little pumps and then smudged with a tanning glove in smooth, even strokes.

A helpful suggestion is to moisturize your body the day before you tan because dry skin’s rough spots might cause a spotty tan. This is a clever tip for getting a uniform tan!

Is It Better to Use a Tanning Mitt or Gloves?

Tanning products are meant to be used with either self-tanning mitts or exfoliating gloves.

Using a self-tanner is an entirely different experience from a glove. You can find out the differences below.

Why Tanning Gloves Are Better

Compared to a self-tanner or mitt, tanning gloves provide more control.

You can concentrate on applying a flawless layer of coverage on your mitt. Then, rub the product onto your body and work it into smaller areas with your fingers.

Additionally, utilizing an exfoliator glove will give you greater control when applying the lotions to your face, allowing you to concentrate on difficult areas like the chin, ears, and the sides of your nose.

With a self-tanner, this can be a little trickier, so many people choose to take them off now and mix the product in with their fingers.

Why Tanning Mitts Are Better

The rough surface of tanning mitts makes them ideal for buffing in the substance.

Using a self-tanner makes it hard to go overboard with the color since the fibers absorb the lotion and gradually release it as you massage it into your body in gentle circular motions.

Because a self-tanner has a wider surface area than your hands, using one may be quicker.

Gently use circular motions over the area to give your body a bit of natural-looking color without leaving telltale finger marks; they are especially helpful for tanning the backs of the hands.

How Often Should I Wash My Tanning Mitt?

You should wash your self-tanning mitt after each use to prevent streaky tan lines and extend the item’s life.

A tanning mitt applicator is re-usable if you take care of it properly.

It turns out that using some simple soap and warm water can do the trick to washing our self-tanner instead of spending money on a pricey mitt.

It is suggested to hand wash the mitt rather than putting it in the washing machine to prevent it from losing its shape.

How Long Should I Wait to Put Clothes on After Self-Tanning?

Once you’ve successfully self-tanned, don’t even try to put on any clothes until the lotions have totally dried!

We advise waiting at least 20 minutes, but make sure to keep an eye on any trouble spots like the area behind the knees and under the arms. It’s already too early if you’re still tacky!

Wear loose-fitting clothing as soon as you are completely dry. Any tightness could ruin your tan, giving you a blotchy appearance.

Additionally, we advise putting on black clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Fortunately, most stains may be removed by hand washing or using a washing machine.

Winner Picks

Achieve that perfect tan by getting a premium self-tanner at a great price with long-lasting quality.

We’ve summed up our reader’s best choices for the best self-tanning mitts.

Best Budget – Famous Dave’s Tanner Mitt

With Famous Dave’s self-tanning mitt applicator, you’ll get a streak-free and lush appearance.

Getting that sun-kissed skin would never have been easier without this product.

A sunless tanning mitt with a double-sided self-tanning applicator.

Just run it through warm water to wash it. You’ll never get stained palms with this one!

Best Value – Skinerals Tanning Mitt Set

Skinerals padded microfiber applicator is our best value choice because of its smooth application and great price.

This self-tanner only absorbs the precise amount of lotion required; less product is wasted.

Using this large mitt makes applying a self-tanner a quick and easy experience. Additionally, the non-absorbent mittens facilitate even and regular application.

It even comes in a set, including a self-tanner, an exfoliating glove, and a contouring mitt to meet all of your tanning needs. Having a face mitt is a complete game changer!

Best Overall – St.Tropez Double-Sided Self Tanning Applicator Mitts

St. Tropez’s sunless tanners offer a consistent tan and a natural-looking finish. You can use any type of lotion or mousse with this self-tanner.

Many have said that with this self-tanner, you’ll never want to use gloves ever again. Moreover, it’s a waterproof tanning mitt.

This is the best sunless tanner that you could ever buy!


Bring your a-game to Bondi sands with the best sunless tanner to get that faux glow radiating from your body.

Choosing the best self-tanning mitts on the market should now be a breeze for you.

REMEMBER: A good practice is to wash your mitt after applying self-tanner. This gives your mitt a longer life to get the most of what you bought!

You’ll never get that fake tan without using a mousse or lotion paired with the best mitt in town. Get that streak-free self-tan with a mitt that works best for your skin.