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Tanning Guys: 3 Tips for Getting a Perfectly Bronzed Man-Tan

Written by Lexi Carlson
Medically Reviewed by Denise Christine Bries, MD

The perfect summer physique wouldn’t be complete without the shimmering bronze body!

And we promise, IT IS POSSIBLE and you can get that healthy tan yourself! Today, we’ll show you how to get that tanned skin with a healthy lifestyle, the RIGHT WAY!

Ready for our tanning for men guide? Let’s get BRONZED, guys!

Male Tanning 101: The Only Guide You’ll Need

FACT: You can get TANNED IN MULTIPLE WAYS, and you just need to find the one that suits you right.

Based on personal tanning experience, getting the perfect self-tan isn’t just in the tone of your skin, but it’s also in finding out which method works for you guys!

Keep in mind this guide can apply to some women as well, just in case you wanted to share! We’ll be giving you a step-by-step guide to follow so you can get the BODY TAN OF YOUR DREAMS!

Advice #1: Tanning in the Outdoors is One Way to Go

Advice #1

Of course, the most natural and extremely popular way of self-tanning for men is to GET OUT THERE and bask in the sunlight, all while getting a healthy dose of vitamin D!

While this is one of the MOST IDEAL WAYS to get a tan, you still have to be mindful of these tips before you start tanning!

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate Your Skin First!

The important part of the process is of course: YOUR SKIN!

Prepping it to be the best it can be, regardless of your skin type, is NEEDED.

When you exfoliate, you get to scrub away all the unwanted dead skin cells, giving your skin a good cleanse!

ALWAYS cleanse your skin properly before you run to the sun for that tan, okay, guys?

Also, Don’t Skip the Sunscreen!

While you tan under the sun, you are still prone and exposed to ultraviolet rays, which are HARMFUL!

It’s best to wear tanning sunscreen. It helps filter out all the harmful ultraviolet rays, which can lead to skin cancer.

Just remember to protect yourself for the best results, guys!

Choose Something That Suits You!

There are a variety of products for your outdoor tanning session, like DIY tanning oil, tanning spray, and indoor tanning lotion.

Finding the RIGHT TANNING PRODUCT that suits your skin type guarantees a longer-lasting tan! Just make sure to properly apply to avoid awkward streaks and spots!

Pro Tip: Make sure you pick one that can moisturize you as well!

Now you can run and get the sun, that tanning lotion you put on has your back!

Top It All Off with a Nice Cold Shower

Now that you had your time outside for that tan, it’s best to soothe your skin with some cool water around four to six hours after!

It will help your body REFRESH AND RECOVER from your time on the beach!

Advice #2: A Trip to the Tanning Salons and Tanning Bed Stall

Advice #2

For guys, and especially first-timers, bed tanning is one of the first options they consider for an instant tan! With that, we’ll be sharing our tanning bed tips, just for you!

Again, Exfoliate First!

The key to the best results is, of course, exfoliating! This is one of the best tanning bed tips we can give.

Without proper exfoliation, you can’t maximize the session in the tanning bed so it’s best to keep it clean!

Invest in a Good Tanning Lotion!

Let’s face it: feeling all burnt up after a tanning session at a tanning bed is a HASSLE!

Good news for you though, a tanning lotion product will not only function as a good moisturizer, but it can also protect you from losing essential vitamins for that healthy tan!

Go at Your Own Pace!

Getting exposed to tanning beds is no joke, and you should always be careful.

One of the tanning tips to keep in mind is that not everyone can take a prolonged session on the first try!

Protect your skin, whether you’re going at it for the first time or if you already have a base tan set.

It will also help if you learn how to lay down on the tanning bed properly. That way, you can really maximize the color you’ll get.

Cover Your Eyes!

Having your entire body in prolonged exposure to UV rays on the tanning bed can hurt your EYES.

So it’s best to be CAREFUL, especially if you have sensitive skin!

So when you’re about to hop into a bed, just MAKE SURE that you wear your goggles for PROTECTION!

It’s one of the safety steps before you hit the tanning beds for the best results!

Advice #3: No Time To Go Outside? Do Indoor Tanning

Advice #3

Before Anything, Take a Shower and Exfoliate!

Just because you’re doing indoor tanning with a self-tanner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prep for self-tanning!

For most men, clearing up the skin and taking a nice shower before applying your self-tanner lotions can work wonders for your tan!

Prioritize and Moisturize Before Indoor Tanning!

A guy generally has a rougher and dryer skin texture compared to women, so make sure to add some moisture to your skin before putting on your self-tanning products is a MUST.

Skimping on this self-tanner prep step can cause unnecessary rough areas that you don’t need! Always remember to pick up that body cream before self-tanning.

It’s gonna work wonders, trust us!

Pick the Right Self-Tanning Product!

Nowadays, you can just skim the net for the best lotions and self-tanner products for you to choose from!

But of course, not everyone has the same kind of skin! There are self-tanners for sensitive skin available.

Just make sure to pick the best one according to what your body needs for your self-tanner to work the way you want it to!

If your skin can take it, we recommend using a good tanning accelerator for a much better color on your skin.

SPF is the Way to Go!

You may be thinking…

Why would I need SPF if I’m not exposed outside anyway?

Well, the secret to having SLEEK AND BRONZED SKIN is to also have SPF protection to protect you from sunlight!

Nowadays you can also get self-tanning lotions with SPF, too!

Is a Spray Tan Good?

Is a Spray Tan Good

Spray tanning is one of the more popular methods of indoor tanning for men and women alike.

The spray tanning process is simple:

A solution will be sprayed on your skin to show the effect of a tan! Just think of it as something like painting your skin with the shade that you want!

Most people prefer this method since it’s easy and accessible, but on the other hand, it’s important to note that the effect of the spray on your body will ONLY BE TEMPORARY.

Best to keep that in mind! And just to be extra safe, we recommend you read up on good spray tan tips to make your session worth it and not an epic fail.


Tanning is a FUN AND FULFILLING way to elevate and highlight the cuts in your body, too!

So if you’ve been looking for a guide to help accent that SUMMER PHYSIQUE that you’ve worked so hard for, we hope this tanning for men guide helps you out!

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get that BRONZE BODY for the summer!