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Nude Tanning: How to Do It on a Tanning Bed and Outdoors

Written by Lexi Carlson
Medically Reviewed by Denise Christine Bries, MD

Many people like to tan for the purpose of having healthier skin. But most don’t know — nude tan exists.  And nude tanning gives you MULTIPLE PERKS than you think.

We can’t say tanning nude is essentially way better overall, but we can guarantee it’ll make you feel more refreshed having your body fully tanned.

So in view of this, we’ll be discussing all the different things you’ll get from nude tanning and tips for how to do it.

Nude Tanning: Indoors or Outdoors?

Indoors or Outdoors

Now, there are TWO different ways of nude tanning: indoors and outdoors.

We may have just said that going for tan nude indoors MIGHT be better for some, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of nude tanning outdoors.

Not everyone has the same tastes. You are free to judge which you think IS the MOST convenient for you.


When we talk about nude tanning indoors, we refer to going to a tanning salon and getting into their tanning bed INSTEAD of going for a full-body tan under the scorching sun.

Wait, so… salons can recreate sunlight?

Well not exactly, but a tanning salon does have adequate resources to actually manage to produce UV rays especially made for nude tanning.

Actually… If you look around your home, this artificial UV light can be SEEN ANYWHERE. Try looking up. See your fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs?

They’re ONE sample of equipment that’s used in a tanning bed. But of course, a tanning bed has more horsepower since its purpose is more than just lighting up everyone’s homes.

You can also see this in other tanning equipment such as tanning booths and sun lamps. But MOST tanning salons just use tanning beds.

Tanning Beds

Now, switching to the use of a tanning bed can be handy in some ways:

  • There’s a tanning specialist watching over you. In most cases, tanning salons hire experts so they can ensure you get exposed to UV rays just ENOUGH.
  • Tanning sessions. You won’t have to worry about literally ANYTHING — the tan process is handled by a tanning session specialist.
  • Shorter time will do20 minutes in a tanning bed EQUAL 1-3 hours of outdoor sun exposure. See the difference? 
  • No prying eyes. Obviously, you’ll have more privacy in a tanning bed because it only offers enough space for one person. And once you are in, it will be closed. No one will see you naked.

It’s great and convenient in some ways. However, you can’t be fully confident in anything that’s artificial-made.

Too much ABUSE of tanning beds pose the same health risks as if you are under the sun outdoors.

But, some studies also claim that EVEN a normal amount of time spent in a tanning salon stages negative effects:

  • A tanning bed releases radiation. But it’s 3-6 times WORSE than the sun. It won’t just affect your skin, but pose health risks overall as well.
  • The more you depend on a tanning salon, the more likely you’ll get melanoma. 

Backyard Stay

If you don’t want to risk your sensitive skin to tanning salons, then you may go with another indoor option: staying in your pool or backyard area as a beach alternative.

This is much simpler; you just stay at your home and get yourself tanned while nude. But of course, you’ll have to rely on yourself since NO specialist is there to handle the tan process.

Indoor Tanning Bed or Outdoor Tanning?

Indoor Tanning Bed or Outdoors

Outdoors just mean beaches. Your typical place to go for tanning. It’s also on par with indoors when it comes to the number of advantages.

  • Going nude sunbathing is a much HEALTHIER choice; there are NO artificial UV rays, just organic.
  • It’s FREE! You don’t have to spend a large amount of money unless the beach you’re aiming for is a private, luxury one.
  • You’ll get to see AMAZING scenery with all the trees, sand, ocean, and blue sky. Combine it with fresh air and you are set off on a perfect summer vacation!
  • There are nude beaches you can go to if you don’t want to be weird-looking among all the beach tourists.

Here’s a list of beaches for tanning nude you might want to consider.

What’s the Purpose of Tanning?

So what exactly do you get from a tan? Why do most people go out their way just to go to a beach so they can have their entire body lying naked while being surrounded by strangers?

It’s because people also gain a LOT of health benefits from it aside from experiencing an aesthetic feel. Being tan can…

  • Enhance one’s mood
  • Help lose excess fat
  • Promote balanced hormones
  • Balances oil secretion in your body
  • Increase Vitamin D body absorption
  • Improve your overall appearance
  • And the biggest advantage of all, being tan can PROLONG one’s life!

These all sound awesome, right?

…But needless to say, we know you still have some worries.

You hate tan lines. You are scared of sunburns. Your eyes hurt when you’re under the sun. You are afraid you might develop skin cancer. You smell funky after tanning nude.

And whatever other worries you have.

Well, fret not. We’ll address all your concerns below. We didn’t come all the way here unprepared.

We made sure to LIST all the tips and protective measures to ensure we lead you with the right guidance.

Tips for Nude Tanning:


You’ll need to take a lot of things into account regardless of your tanning indoor or outdoor plan. It’s because these tanning tips are generally for tanning; it applies to everything, including tanning nude.

Want to tan nude without worries? Make sure to follow all the protective measures we’re going to tell you RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

  • Wear eye protection. Sun may be capable of producing Vitamin D for your body but for your eyes, it will cause nothing but cataracts
  • Take a cool shower and use anti-bacterial soap. You start to have an after tan smell when you get exposed to UV light. Bacteria like to stay over the skin undergoing reactions. They’re mostly the ones that cause the smell.
  • Use moisturizers, sunscreen, and outdoor tanning lotions. APPLY all of these first before you start your tanning process so you’ll have better skin results as well as stronger protection against being sunburned. Use a tanning lotion that gives good pigment.
  • Start nude tanning slowly. You should NEVER EVER go for an extreme tanning process on your starting days. Too much tan causes early wrinkles.
  • Set your tanning time according to your skin type. Fairer skin should tan for shorter periods while darker skin can tan for longer. Check out this tanning chart, for reference.
  • Approach tanning specialists. If you start experiencing some kind of allergies when nude tanning, DON’T wait for your skin condition to get worse before you consult a tanning expert!

What Do I Get from Tanning Nude?

Nude tanning may offer a LOT of benefits, but there are still some disadvantages you must be WARY of in order to get the most out of a nude tanning session. But of course, let’s go over its advantages first.

Why Tanning Nude is Better: The Advantages

1. No Tan Lines Anymore!

First of all, no one likes weird tanning lines.

If you tan nude, you are not going to have to worry about tan lines. There would be no clothes or bathing suit that will leave marks on your skin when tanning nude.

UV rays will be able to reach EVERY part of your body as long as you tan in the right position. There’s no need to worry about having tan lines where your skin overlaps.

So now, we’ve addressed one of your concerns about being tan.

2. More Vitamin D Exposure

Second, MORE of the D Vitamin.

No clothes mean MORE exposure to sunlight. You can even get a solid base tan.

And more of this vitamin makes your teeth, muscles, and every SINGLE one of your bones, healthier and stronger than EVER.

3. Less Toxins

Third, worried about toxins too? No problem. Tanning NUDE is your solution.

Normally, people sweat, especially when they’re feeling hot. Other people might not know this, but sweat actually releases toxins out of your body.

But imagine when you have clothes on. Clothes absorb them.  And once they’re in contact with your skin, your skin will basically reabsorb these toxins BACK! Eww!

…But this isn’t just your mere gross situation. It’s WAY worse.

It will also CAUSE skin problems which might eventually pose health risks if you leave them unattended for a longer time.


1. You’ll Put Your Breasts and Genitals in Harm’s Way

These private parts of your body are the MOST DELICATE of all.

Sure, you’ll avoid tanning lines. But then you’ll give your breasts and genitals FULL exposure to the sun when you nude tan. They sunburn fast in return.

It’s because the surrounding skin isn’t usually exposed to UV light. So when they meet the sun, they react MORE quickly compared to how your other body parts usually respond.

2. No Privacy

There’s still NO privacy even if you tan nude at beaches reserved for nude tanning purposes only.

You can’t be absolutely certain that you won’t be able to encounter prying eyes, especially if you are in a place FULL of naked people.

So what would be your best option then?

It might be better to just go nude tanning indoors in a private pool IF you are worried about your safety and privacy.

Best Nude Tanning Products for You

Best Products for You

1. Eye Goggles

You might want to wear and protect your eyes with goggles for tanning.

It can block UV rays effectively. You can use it for BOTH indoor and outdoor nude tanning!

2. Antibacterial Soap

As for addressing your smelly body odor after tanning naked, DON’T FORGET to use a soap that will leave your body fresh and clean from bacteria!

We’re telling you, this one’s DEFINITELY worth your money! At such a low price, you’ll be odorless and spotless even AFTER going for a nude full-body tan.

3. Moisturizers, Sunscreen, and Lotions

Do you know you can’t still protect yourself just by staying in the shade? You’ll still slowly be sunburned because UV rays can’t just be easily blocked by a thin material.

You’ll need to come up with the best combination for your nude tanning regimen. But we’ve prepared some for you if you don’t mind!

Conclusion: Should You Nude Tan?


So after discussing everything, should you go for a nude tan?

Actually, it really depends on YOU.

There’s a lot of things to consider when trying a nude tanning experience. Most people may like wearing clothes, but some mind tan lines. In this case, the best solution is to nude tan.

This is just a sample scenario that everything is up to your priorities. Enjoy your birthday suit if you want to!

So basically, you should just consider the nude tanning method if:

  • You don’t mind being nude among strangers
  • You don’t mind your private parts experiencing sunburns
  • You are aiming for full D-vitamin intake
  • You don’t want uneven tanning lines on your skin