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Spray Tan for Wedding Day: 4 Skincare Prep Tips and Tricks

Written by Lexi Carlson
Medically Reviewed by Denise Christine Bries, MD
Spray Tan for Wedding

Getting a spray tan for wedding event? Is it possible? YES, IT IS!

In this guide, we’ll be sharing some spray tan tips and tricks for that PERFECT bridal tan to make your big day EXTRA SPECIAL! 

Sunless tanning definitely is the way to go, especially right before your wedding.

Getting a Wedding Spray Tan: How to Tan Prep

With so much to prepare for, brides-to-be could be STRESSING OUT in making everything perfect for the wedding, so it’s definitely no surprise you’d want the spray tan to be PERFECT!

You have a long list to check, as well, like…

  • Your hair and makeup trial run
  • Last trial of the food menu
  • Dress fitting
  • And of course, the spray tan trial run and coordinating with the spray tan artist

That sounds like a lot for brides to think about, right?

WELL GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, these dos and don’ts are the tips you need to help you FEEL CONFIDENT to get a spray tan or sunless tanning and elevate your natural skin tone.

Tips and Tricks for Before Getting a Bridal Spray Tan

Tips and Tricks

1. Are There Tan Lines That Need Softening?

Of course, before making the big jump in getting a spray tan, things you need to consider are the small details, especially your skin!

Evaluate your skin if there are specific areas that need some softening that your spray tan artist can assist you with like tan lines, light, and dark spots, etc.

2. Exfoliation is Key!

The key to the perfect spray tan is of course in the preparation!

For the best results, the keyword is EXFOLIATE.

Exfoliating removes all the unwanted dry and dead skin. When you exfoliate, you make a good foundation for the spray tan to hold on to.

There are plenty of products to help you in exfoliating, like scrubs that can wash and rinse off the layer of GUNK while in the shower!

Making it the best it could be!

3. Snip Off Unwanted Hair

Another secret in the prep process before you get a spray tan is to shave or do some hair removal ahead of time.

You can also get a waxing done, but make sure to get it BEFORE tanning!

AT LEAST 12 hours before your appointment with your spray tan artist.

This ensures the solution will hold on to your body evenly, on top of exfoliation!

Remember: Clean and clear skin helps!

4. Match Skin Tone with Your Bridal Gown

Now, of course, you’d want your spray tan to elevate your natural bride glow, right?

Making your spray tan worth the effort is to match it with your wedding dress! 

Having the tan elevate and contour the right areas will make your skin THE BEST IT COULD BE.

Avoid going too hard on the colors and make sure to select a NATURAL SHADE with your spray tan artist so that you won’t look like an orange Cheeto! 

Harsh skin tones from spray tans will definitely not make you glow like you want to.

Getting a Spray Tan: 4 Steps for the Perfect Wedding Day

Step 1: Find a Good Salon to Get Tanned at

Step 1

Now that you have all the tips you need, let’s get that sun-kissed beautiful glow going! But as much as you want to RUSH it, DON’T.

The first step is always the most important. Mess it up, and you get a domino effect of problems. No bride wants that on their special day, right?

Pro tip, here’s what you do:

Book a Trial Spray Tan Before Your Wedding

We know what you’re thinking…

Maybe you’re considering using a self-tanner and some makeup instead to save some time, but our advice is to DROP IT!

Consider finding a good salon with a spray tan artist that suits your needs and just do it the old-fashioned way: WITH A TRIAL RUN!

We cannot stress enough this step is essential in making the color of the spray just right for you. This will be a series of wedding spray tans to get the mix right and settle on the perfect color!

Doing this will help you feel more confident about the tan on the day of your wedding, we assure you!

We already know you’re nervous, so save yourself the trouble and book a trial spray tan before your wedding.

Pro Tips for Getting the Right Spray Tan Before the Wedding:

  • Always remember: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Work with the salon and especially the spray tan artist to get your ideal result when you get a spray tan.
  • Knowing the right kind of tanning solution is something essential in getting a spray tan that’s perfect for you!
  • Make sure to tell your spray tan artist if you have any specific allergic reactions to certain products, too!
  • TRUST THE SPRAY TAN ARTIST. We know you’re nervous about getting sprayed and you just want to look amazing, but they know what they’re doing, too!
  • Avoid spraying over an old tan, especially before the wedding.

Step 2: Make Time for Self-Care Before the Spray Tan!

Step 2

Girl, treat yourself!

Before you get that wedding spray tan appointment, make sure you do all the ESSENTIAL self-care routines you need to take to freshen yourself up, as well.

Fresh and cool showering, exfoliation routines, makeup trial, your favorite moisturizer!

You name it, and just do it to feel the best you can be!

You deserve it!

You’re the bride and you’re the star of the night, so might as well feel like it days prior to the wedding date!

Just make sure to AVOID any kind of lotions, self-tanners, deodorant, and oils on the day of the appointment, though!

These things, especially lotions and oils affect the development of the wedding spray tan so it’s best to keep that in mind!

Other than that, other treatments like massages and mani-pedis are fine on the day before you get your spray tan.

Step 3: Go in 2 to 3 Days Before the Wedding Date

Step 3

Now, it’s the week of the wedding, and you’re getting jitters of excitement!

You’ve been looking for the perfect tanning salon to get a spray tan for weeks, too!

Now that you’ve found the right one, coordinated with the spray tan artist, and got the right color set, IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR SPRAY TAN!

Now you must be wondering, why would I need that much time for spray tans before the wedding?

Well, it’s because it will allow your BEAUTIFUL wedding spray tan to develop while allowing the cosmetic bronzer to rinse off and not be a STAIN ON YOUR DRESS.

It’s also because it’s not advisable to wear makeup immediately after getting a spray tan.

The color of your spray tan is the best on the 3rd day, we assure you!

So consider this on the week of your big day to get the wedding spray tan that you deserve for that PERFECT GLOW!

Don’t forget to follow these post-spray tan aftercare tips to ensure a long-lasting tan!

Step 4: What to Do on the Big Day?

Step 4

Brides, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the big day, your WEDDING!

You’ve spent weeks prepping to get the spray tan of your dreams for the MAGICAL DAY, and now you have that perfect glow!

In the morning before the big event and before you put on your dress, make sure you have no more traces of cosmetic bronzer from your spray tanning appointment.

Take a nice shower to make sure all residue is rinsed off. Apply an oil-free moisturizer if you feel a little dry, too!

Now, enjoy your special day and create memories of love that you will always cherish!

Things to Think About Before Getting a Spray Tan

Things to Think About

1. The Dress’s Neckline and Back

Dear future brides…

A thing to consider is that the wedding event also means that important photos of your life will be taken, with you, your new husband, and your loved ones!

It’s HIGHLY essential you feel your most confident and at your best.

And of course, you wouldn’t want to have little things to nitpick as you look at the photos, right?

Before you get a spray tan, consider the shape and the contours of your dress. Let your spray tan artist know about it too.

Coordinate with your makeup artist and have them warm up your skin tone by a bit to highlight the neckline and the back of the dress!

Some depth of color goes a long way to accent your skin and body features on your wedding!

2. Will Spray Tanning Stain the Dress?

Are you ready for a truth bomb?

If you don’t do your spray tan in time or even properly, IT CAN STAIN YOUR BEAUTIFUL WEDDING GOWN.

Like we said earlier, one of the best spray tan tips is that you should have it done 2-3 days prior to the wedding date. 

This is so you could wash off all the unwanted bronzer with a good shower or two!



Now, you’re all set to get that spray tan!

We know how important this magical day is to you, and we hope that our tips and tricks in getting the PERFECT SPRAY TAN FOR YOUR WEDDING helped you out in getting your natural glow out!

We wish you well on your spray tanning journey, and more importantly, on the new chapter of your life!