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Spray Tan After Waxing: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Lexi Carlson
Medically Reviewed by Denise Christine Bries, MD
Spray Tan After Waxing_ Everything You Need to Know

Waxing and spray tanning.

If you’ve never done either, it might raise some eyebrows. The truth is spray tanning and waxing can go hand in hand!

If you take the correct precautions laid out in this article, your smooth skin could be your new favorite thing about yourself!

Here is our guide on proper spray tanning and waxing!

Can I Go Spray Tanning After Waxing?

Can I Go Spray Tanning After Waxing


You can get a spray tan after waxing! In fact, waxing is GREAT for exfoliating!

We all know waxing removes small follicles, but at the same time, you also remove dead skin cells, leaving room for fresh cells for your next tanning session!

Once you remove your dead skin cells, it will be easier to absorb the tanning products, resulting in a nice, even tan and smooth skin!

When it comes to tanning, exfoliating and moisturizing are some of the most important aspects to consider.

What About Waxing After a Spray Tan?

On the flip side, you can get a spray tan after waxing, but not the other way around.

Similar to shaving, waxing newly-tanned skin will only lead to problems.

For starters, waxing after tanning can result in an uneven tan. You may leave dry, untanned patches on your body, which can’t look good!

As mentioned earlier, when you wax your legs, eyebrows, or bikini area, you are essentially removing dead cells from those areas.

But you are also removing tanned skin as well! Doing so can leave white spots or cause an uneven skin tone.

As a result, WAX FIRST, THEN TAN!

If you MUST wax after your spray tan, it is best to wait around 4-7 days for the tanning products to fully sink in.

Waiting this long gives your skin and tanner enough time to settle down before you can start waxing or removing hairs.

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How Long After Waxing Can You Spray Tan?

How Long After Waxing Can You Spray Tan--

Before you start applying your spray tan or sunless tanner, you must wait 24 hours AFTER your waxing session; 48 hours is even better!

It is best to wait this long to allow your skin to settle down.

After all, your skin just went through a long, quite uncomfortable waxing appointment, so you need to give your skin time to settle down.

It would be best if you also gave your open pores enough time to close up for the sunless tanning products to absorb nicely without any sensitive skin reactions.

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Post-Wax Spray Tanning Tips

Post-Wax Spray Tanning Tips-

Since your skin is newly waxed, it is still sensitive and can be prone to skin irritation.

Here are some important things to do after waxing and before spray tanning to ensure your body stays smooth and golden!

Exfoliation is Key!

First and foremost, exfoliate your body!

Exfoliation is the removal of old cells off the top layer, leaving room for newer, fresher cells to grow and a smoother skin layer.

When it comes to spray tanning, exfoliating helps your skin absorb the tanner easily, resulting in a nice, sun-kissed glow!

Otherwise, your spray tan may wash off earlier than you want!

However, since your skin is still recovering from the waxing appointment, you want to leave the newly-waxed areas alone for now.

These hair-free areas still need time to recover from having their follicles removed!

After all, exfoliating requires A LOT of scrubbing, which could further irritate your skin.

Don’t Forget to Rinse and Moisturize

As with any skincare routine, it is important to wash off and moisturize after waxing!

Your skin just lost some moisture during your appointment. Remember to REHYDRATE yourself with some much-needed moisture after your wax.

You also don’t want to apply spray tan on dry skin!

Loose Clothing Only

As you prepare for your spray tan appointment, wear loose clothes, so your sunless tanning products do not rub off.

Tanner against your clothes can feel quite uncomfortable, so avoid that with loose clothing to get minimal tan stains only.

Loose clothes are also gentle on your newly-waxed body and will also prevent rubbing or irritation.

Furthermore, stay out of the sun to prevent damage!

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Sun Tanning and Waxing

Sun Tanning and Waxing

If you don’t have access to spray tan, you can always tan the old-fashioned method; under the sun!

Here are some important reminders before sun tanning.

Wait 24 Hours Before Sun Tanning

Similar to the spray tanning protocol, allow your skin to rest for 24 hours prior to tanning under the sun.

And it’s for the same reason as to why you do so when spray tanning!

Your skin needs time to recover from the wax. Since you just removed little hairs from the root of your topmost layer, you must have scraped some off in the process.

Leaving your skin exposed to UV rays too soon will cause your already-delicate skin to be damaged.

Use a Strong Sunscreen

Before going for your suntan, make sure you have a strong-enough sunscreen at the ready!

As mentioned earlier, your skin is more vulnerable after a wax, so you need that sunscreen to protect yourself!

Tanning and Waxing Do’s and Dont’s

Tanning and Waxing Do_s and Dont_s-

If this is your first time going for a wax before your tanning appointment, it’s best to come prepared!

Here is a quick list of things to remember!

  • DO: Inform your tan or wax specialist of any allergies. You don’t want any spray tans causing a possible reaction right before your tan!
  • DON’T: Use any lotions, body products, or makeup before your wax. Doing so may prevent the waxing product from working fully.
  • DO: Wait 2-3 days after your spray tan to get a wax. Waxing too soon will cause your sunless tanner to fade away!
  • DON’T: Wax and tan on the same day! Waxing before your spray tanning session can cause open pores and an uneven tan shade. Wait for your skin and pores to settle after waxing.
  • DO: Avoid tanning beds. Tanning beds are the least recommended method to get a tan, let alone on freshly waxed skin.

Waxing for Dry Skin

Dry skins often have poor moisture retention, which could result in lines, scars, or shedding.

Waxing may further irritate already dried-out skin because of its exfoliation properties, which could leave your skin drier than it already is.

To prevent this, moisturize to the MAX after your wax to resupply and gain hydration.

Furthermore, you can use a sugar paste, which is much gentler than wax (also known as sugaring).

While waxing can scrape some skin off, sugar does not as it sticks to the hair only!

Waxing for Oily Skin

While dry skin does not give off enough hydration, oily skin gives TOO MUCH.

Oiliness is more prominent in the face, which means areas like your eyebrows or facial hair area could get affected when waxing.

The secret is POWDER!

The powder absorbs oil and will allow the wax to stick better to the hairy parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get a Wax Before a Tan?


As mentioned earlier, waxing before a tan is a great way to exfoliate, ensuring the spray tan lasts longer on smooth skin.

Can You Wax and Fake Tan on the Same Day?

Unfortunately, no.

It is important to remember to wax and tan on DIFFERENT DAYS, ideally 1-3 days between each other.

This is to prevent all sorts of tanning mishaps, such as uneven tans, damaged skin, or skin irritations.

Human skin is VERY delicate, so doing one aggravating act after another is not a good idea!

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A nice wax is a good way to exfoliate before fake tanning!

When you remove hair, you ensure that the tanning solution works to its fullest with new cells.

If you’re new to hair removal or tanning, don’t worry!

Follow these steps and do prior research on different types of spray tans, and you will be just fine! You will even save yourself from the harmful sun rays!

Read this guide for more important spray tanning tips so you don’t forget!